Зовнішня політика України: навчальний посібник

Автори: , | Рік видання: 2010 | Видавець: Київ: Знання | Кількість сторінок: 572


Main periods of formation and development of foreign policy activity of the Ukrainian state are considered in this textbook on the basis of extensive material. A wide range of issues conccming foreign policy activity of the Ukrainian governments are presented; the place and role of our state in the international relations arc analysed. The book covers the period from Kyiv Rus* as the first form of the Ukrainian state till the present time.

Chapter 1 "Foreign Policy of Kyiv Rus'", which includes the following sections: "Kyiv Rus* on the International Arena", "Foreign Policy of Kyiv Rus' in the Period of Its Prosperity", "Kyiv Rus' in International Relations: Second Half of the ll01 — First Part of the 12lh Centuries", "Foreign Policy of Kyiv Rus* in the Period of Division (1132-1240)", describes the process of formation and development of international activity of Kyiv Rus*. The reasons and factors, which influenced that process are considered. Special attention is paid to questions of diplomatic activity of Rus* Princes in the period of the peak of the development of the international image of Kyiv Rus' (end of the 10th — beginning of the 12th centuries). Main forms of diplomatic activity of the Rus' Princes in the period of the division of Rus' state are also described.

Chapter "Foreign Policy of Halician-Volyn State" describes the place and role of western Ukrainian territories on the international arena. It includes the following sections "Foreign Policy of Roman Mstyslavovych", "Poland and Hungary in the Struggle for Halician-Volyn Principality", "Foreign Policy of Danylo of Halicia"